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Are these softwares compatible ? And performance hit level. Does it make my laptop slower I'm using HP pavilion g4.

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"PerfectDisk does not support defragmentation of TruCrypt encrypted drives" from

In truth, as long as you leave around 20%+ free disk space, it is unlikely that you will see any fragmentation issues in general. If you regularly operate below that, then you will see a jump in the amount of fragmentation, especially when working with big files - particularly a problem if the registry has grown big.

In some cases, Windows will actually run FASTER with a fragmented drive due to how information is accessed.

Just be happy with your encrypted drive and don't worry.

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thanks for advice. I may deactivate the Perfectdisk for a while and run a manual defragment if I have to decrypt the drive. – fieldfirst Jan 20 '13 at 12:54

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