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In our office meeting room, there is a LAN/IP Camera installed on the wall - with a static IP.

I have installed a PC in that meeting room, and I want to use that camera as a conference camera.

Both Camera and PC are connected to our 48 Gbit switch.

Even just using it with skype (or other video chat tool) and local microphone.

  • Is it possible?

    • It's a FOSCAM 18918 (Black) camera (tried to avoid branding)
    • I have all the CD's and manuals that come with the box.
    • neither mention usage with skype or other tools
    • NO USB - Just LAN and wireless
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What model is the LAN/IP Camera ? Can't you connect your PC and LAN/IP Camera with Ethernet cable so you can set the camera to connect to your PC? Actually you should have also got a Installation CD with the camera. I guess you don't have all these things, so maybe if you put the static IP of the camera in your browser you will access the Camera settings. Try it our. – Devid Feb 21 '13 at 14:43
What model FOSCAM? Does it have USB capabilities? – Kruug Feb 21 '13 at 15:05
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Try this solution: IP Camera Adapter

It should fulfill your needs, looks to be client dependent.

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