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I have an instance of VLC open and I want to set up some hot keys so that I can pause/play/seek without having to switch focus to VLC. Are there commands that make this possible, and if so, which?

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To customize hotkeys in VLC, go to Settings->Preferences->Hot keys. Over there, you'll find two columns: Hotkey and Global for each action. Set up Global hotkeys for the functions you want.

You will have to restart VLC for the new shortcuts to be effective.

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Thanks. Didn't know this feature existed. It works well for certain things like play/pause where I have keys on the keyboard that I can dedicate to it without conflicts, but there are other things that I'd like to, for example, map to a certain key in vim when in normal mode, which I can't do with global key mappings. – howardh Jan 22 '13 at 3:27

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