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How can I set Tor to route all of my internet traffic? So, if I want to use any program to connect to a website or send requests to it, is there any way that I can make Tor hide my IP at all times?

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This is a near-identical question to this. In the program you're looking to redirect, find the setting for defining a 'proxy', and use IP (or 'localhost) and port 8118.

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That being answered, you may not want to. Vidalia includes a browser configured with settings, protocols, along with certain features removed to cover 'holes' in a normal network-application's use. If you feel the need to ask this, then you shouldn't feel confident that you'll be secure. As @Keltari noted, Tor's article is a good explanation as to why you shouldn't. – Solemnity Jan 21 '13 at 3:11

Yes you can use Tortilla is a program designed to create a virtual adapter which uses only tor connection, the program is here

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You really wouldnt want to. Tor is an extremely slow network, designed for viewing web pages anonymously (with lots of caveats). Also, there is no guarantee that your application would keep your anonymity. A perfect example of not running other applications through Tor's network is explained by this article from the developers of Tor.

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This is better-stated as a comment than an answer, however wise this statement is. – Solemnity Jan 21 '13 at 3:38
-1. This does not answer the question. – gsingh2011 Nov 19 '15 at 23:20

If you run the Tor Browser then go into your network settings and tell all network activity to go through the Tor proxy then that theoretically should do it.

Like in this how to:

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