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I have a new 3TB hard drive (external | 3.5 In | SATA | NOT SSD) and was transferring from old disk to new, across a network when my system BSODed referring to a tcpip.sys fault.

When I rebooted, the disk would show up as Not Initialised in Disk Management (Win7). This is after I had partitioned it and written about a TB worth of data to it.

No tools would pick it up (chkdsk, testdrive, seagate disk wizard, seagate tools for windows, diskpart, linux, pmagic via usb boot drive, etc) finally i read a forum post that recommended HD Tune Pro and while the partitions were munched it did give me some SMART readout as below:

Using that info I was able to determine that the drive controllers on the external hd case were kaput. I switched out my drive to another case and was then able to do a chkdsk /f on the drive and now all my bits are in order. The drive works my 3 partitions are back.

However even after rebooting etc I still get a warning in HD Tune Pro re: (Ultra DMA CRC Error Count) as below.


  1. is this something i should be concerned about?
  2. Is this now a permanent blemish on this drives record?

enter image description here

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Swap your cable, or at least re-seat it. Default-out your BIOS as well before you consider replacing a component.
This immediately seemed like an interface issue.

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