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My XFCE desktop has multiple workspaces, and I have terminals open across the workspaces, each terminal containing a ssh session.

I usually have around 10 SSH sessions open at a time, I was wondering if there was any way to set up a keyboard shortcut that would list all my open ssh sessions, and allow me to search for and select a session, which will switch to the appropriate terminal.

I'm open to other ideas, I just want to manage all my ssh sessions, so i can switch to the one I want quickly.

Note: I sometimes have duplicate sessions open to the same host, so having some way to mark each session for later search would be even nicer.


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My solution to that was to use multiple tabs on a single xfce4-terminal window with the nice --drop-down option bound to Mod+Space.

That way you can see all the sessions on the tab names, which can even be renamed, and I can quickly switch between opened tabs with Alt+Number.

More info on that.

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