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I've got a custom RDP icon on my desktop, how can I pin this to the start menu? There is no option to pin to start in the context menu for RDP icons.

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By Icon, do you mean a Shortcut or an executable? – Martín Canaval Jan 21 '13 at 10:29

The only way I know of doing this by creating a shortcut to mstsc.exe and providing your existing .rdp file as a parameter to the command line.


%windir%\system32\mstsc.exe "C:\Path\To\My\RDF File.RDP"
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  1. Right-click on %windir%\system32\mstsc.exe and select "Pin to Start Menu".
  2. Right-click on "Remote Desktop Connection" shortcut you just added to Start Menu and rename it and add path to your .rdp file to Target as a parameter (e.g. C:\Windows\System32\mstsc.exe c:\myserver.rdp)

You can also just leave the shortcut as "Remote Desktop Connection", right-click the shortcut, and pin the .rdp to the top of the list for this application.

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