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The problem I would like to solve is this. I browse to a website that contains ordered blocks of text one after another. I would like to run a script on this page that goes into the webpages source, extracts these blobs of text, and then outputs each blob into a file.

How do I do something like this? Can I do it from the vimperator shell?

(I can write the text extracting and output part, in python I'm thinking. The other parts are beyond me atm)

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It is possible to write files from Vimperator, as described here. Also, from what you're describing you don't really need Python, you could extract the text and write it from the same JavaScript file.

You can write files like this: (from the Vimperator command line)

:js var f = new io.File('~/extracted.txt'); f.write('extracted text');

To extract the text, you could use vanilla JavaScript, or you could probably source JQuery and use it's selectors. I haven't tried this, but it sounds like it's definitely doable.

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