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I recently had a fibre connection installed, and as per usual it comes with a crappy router which I wish to replace.

The provided setup is a fibre modem (Huawie HG8240) with WAN output to the ISP supplied router (Comtrend Gigabit) I wish to replace. Before getting the fibre installed I had a Netgear ADSL router and a wifi range extender (WN2000RPT). I have purchased a new Netgear WAN router (WNDR4000) and am unable to set it up correctly.

I have done some research and apparently my provider (Movistar spain) requires that the router set the VLAN Mux Id to 6. On the linked site he is using a different router (also Netgear) and said its not possible with the standard firmware. I have no idea how to do this on the Netgear, or if it is even possible.

So my question is:

  1. How can I set this up on the Netgear router?
  2. Or, if I can't, am I able to install something like tomato firmware onto both the router and the wifi range extender so I can achieve a desirable setup? Any pointers to instructions online?
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