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I would like to process with perl some files in Greek in which the character encoding is Greek (ISO-8859-7) but my terminal doesn't support such an encoding. Can I add it somehow?

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I will update this answer if you add more details about what exactly you need to do. On my system, using either terminator or gnome-terminal on a UTF-8 encoded Greek text file, I can use Perl to parse Greek:

$ cat test
Με λένε Μαρία
Με λένε Πόπη
Με λένε Κίτσο

$ file test
test: UTF-8 Unicode text

$ perl -ne 'print if /Πόπη/' test
Με λένε Πόπη

You can change the encoding of gnome-terminal like this:

enter image description here

Find and activate UTF-8. Then, you can change the encoding of your file using iconv:

iconv -f iso-8859-7 -t utf8  text.txt > new_text.txt
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i made it!!!i importet on my terminal the character encoding Greek (ISO-8859-7) and it workes fine!!! thnx again very usefull help!!!! – user191878 Jan 22 '13 at 14:49

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