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I have a machine with Windows 7 Professional SP1. I wanted to change to S.O. language from Portuguese to English, but due to the fact that I wasn't running an Ultimate version of Windows, I wasn't able to install a MUI package directly from Windows Update.

So that I downloaded by myself a package used Vistalizator in order to install the English MUI package.

The problem is that now I'm getting the following error when I invoke Remote Desktop:

The system cannot find the specified file

Is there a way to fix that?

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I discovered that I needed to install the following update packages on my Windows 7 machine:

  • Windows6.1-KB2574819-x64.msu
  • Windows6.1-KB2592687-x64.msu

After that, mstsc.exe command became functional again.

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it didnt fixed mine :'( my os came from Japanese to English MUI, installed both updates but still didnt work. – richmondwang May 20 at 5:20

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