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Suppose in a batch file, say receive.bat, is called with some arguments. Now receive.bat executes and it needs to process these arguments.

Sometimes (but not always), an argument will end with a trailing slash (e.g. "C:\a\b\"). The number of arguments is not fixed and the (only) such argument may appear anywhere in the list of arguments.

How can my .bat file remove the \ in \", for example, to get "C:\a\b"?


I tried the examples below and the 3rd one is not working.
It just said there should not be a SET here.

SET var=C:\
IF %var:~-1%==\ SET var=%var:~0, -1%
@ECHO %var%

SET var2="C:\\
IF %var2:~-2%==\\ SET var2=%var2:~0, -2%
@ECHO %var2%

SET var3="C:\"
IF %var3:~-2%==\a" SET var3=%var3:~0, -2%
@ECHO %var3%
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Have a look at stackoverflow… – nixda Jan 22 '13 at 18:49
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You're setting var3 to "C:\", and comparing the last two characters to \a"? See below and this page for help with batch substring extraction.

SET var=C:\
IF %var:~-1%==\ SET var=%var:~0,-1%
@ECHO %var%
REM Output: C:

SET var2="C:\
IF %var2:~-1%==\ SET var2=%var2:~0,-1%
@ECHO %var2%
REM Output: "C:

SET var3="C:\"
IF %var3:~-2,1%==\ SET var3=%var3:~0,-2%"
@ECHO %var3%
REM Output: "C:"
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Thanks, it works. But do you know how can I make this works for a received parameter? For example, I don't want to work with a new variable var, I want to manupulate %1, %2, %3 ...directly. I found %1=%var% or SET %1=%var% doesn't change the value of these parameters. – user565739 Jan 22 '13 at 20:41
You can't change their values, so you have to copy to another variable. – Karan Jan 22 '13 at 23:02

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