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I'm interested in finding the true URL behind a flash player for a radio station. I'd even be happy if played it, but I've checked (radio station is there but doesn't play).

So I went to the site, using both Fiddler and Chrome's Developer Tools » Network to try to sniff the URL.

The closest I was able to come to find the URL was the following:

which showed me the following code.

   "version":"2.3 beta",

Which I put together as,type:audio,audioCodec:mp3

Perhaps my syntax is off, or it can't be done whatsoever? Can somebody attempt to help me solve this mystery?

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Streaming URLs for CKFM:

AAC stream: (40 kbps, 44 kHz, stereo)

MP3 stream: (48 kbps, 22 kHz, stereo)

Substitute the call letters to access stream URLs for other stations that use "" streaming (occasionally need to add "AM" or "FM" to the call letters in the URL).

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