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Possible Duplicate:
Exploring other windows 8 machine’s root

I have two Windows 8 machines. The users on both machines use the same account. From one machine, I want to access the D:\ drive of the other machine. Normally I would just open \target\d$\ and log in with the local account on that machine (qualified by the domain or workgroup if necessary). In Windows 8, I tried using my to log in, but it doesn't work. How do you do this on Windows 8?

I have tried:

UPDATE I figured it out: Enable (or work around) Administrative shares in Windows 8
Administrative Shares still exist by default in Windows 8, but they are not accessible to local Administrator users (whether truly local or accounts) unless you add a key in the registry. Once you do that, the correct login syntax would be workgroup\first

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I would try with just your 'first.last'. Or even 'first'. My live ID is guy@cpafafad. I just use 'guy' or machinename\guy when I need credentials to connect to another machine.

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