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Okay so I got a new laptop, it's a week old, it is an Asus X501A-XX277H that came with windows 8 installed. At first the shortcut WinKey + X worked but now it does not while all the other shortcuts work. When I press it the pointer loads for a split second but nothing happens. I also cannot access the advanced context menu by putting the pointer in the left corner and right-clicking?

I had to download a different touchpad drive as the windows 8 scrolling and swiping gestures always stopped working once my laptop came out of sleep/ hibernation. Downloading the Elantech driver resolved that problem, could it be the cause of this one though?

Any help will be very much appreciated as it is driving me mad!

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Uninstall any software of you installed that interacts and/or changes shortcuts on your system. – Ramhound Jan 24 '13 at 2:17

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