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recently every browser changed this behaviour. You click anywhere in the address bar, and it selects the whole URL.

I'm a webdeveloper so most of the time i just want to add something to a variable or such. This behaviour is painful. I aim to exactly where I want the cursor, click it, and the whole thing is selected, read to be wiped out as soon as i start to type.

Is there any way to revert that on the more common browsers? - opera - firefox - chrome

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I don't know about Opera or Chrome, but in Firefox it's easy enough to open about:config and modify the following Boolean values as required:

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was looking for 'addressbar'. thanks. one down. – gcb Jan 24 '13 at 9:05

I have noticed this behavior as well, but I have a simple workaround. Move your mouse over the address, left click and drag to select some text. Once text has been highlighted you can click anywhere in the string and the cursor will go there.

It becomes second nature and takes no time.

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I already do that when replacing something... but to add something, you now have to select a smaller portion. it's still selecting, unselecting, typing. – gcb Jan 24 '13 at 9:02

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