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I'm looking for a good Personal Information Manager for Windows that can sync up with a BlackBerry (8520).

Here are some requirements I came up with:

  • Tasks with no due date must be carried forward until marked as done

  • Scheduler/calendar must also show tasks (Outlook 2002 XP, Agendus + Outlook, Time & Chaos can't; I don't like Lotus Notes)

  • French holidays

  • Ideally, tasks can be divided into sub-tasks à la EccoPro

Thank you for any pointer.

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I use Google Calendar, and have that syncing with my Blackberry Bold 9700. Works really well.

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Thanks for the tip. I just tried Google Sync on my Blackberry, only to find out that it requires a data plan (wifi won't do) :-/ – OverTheRainbow Oct 12 '10 at 14:08

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