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My current company is using a GIS firm that requires us to web-interface with it specifically with 'Internet Explorer' and with the 'current' 6/7 year old Adobe SVG Plugin.
I've thrown every user-agent changing browser on Android, Playbook, iPad at it- at best it'll log me in and just offer me to download the svg file, instead of displaying/interacting-with it in the browser. A Windows 8 Pro tablet (ala ElitePad with 3G) is the last resort, but RT is far cheaper. Can RT IE play-ball with SVG sites?

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Are you using the desktop mode IE or Metro IE? The latter doesn't support external plugins. – Karan Jan 27 '13 at 17:00

Not that I am aware of. I have tried many ways to get these sites to work on RT surface 2 and no luck. If it does work on surface 2 pro please let us know. It looks like I will now have to buy a new Surface 2 Pro. The down side is it cost around 900 and does not come with office like the RT version. So you have to spend another 150-200 on office to have a real replacement for a company issue laptop.

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