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Once a while ago I installed Kerio VPN Client on my Mac (Snow Leopard). As I no longer need it, I'm about to remove it as it keeps running in the background all the time.

I was trying to remove with AppCleaner but it only has found kvpn's preferences pane add-on that's obviously just a small portion of the whole package.

I discovered that kvpn client has quite several files in the system, in Library/Extensions, LaunchDaemons, PreferencePanes and in it's very own folder /usr/local/kerio/vpnclient.

While I could manually remove the daemon and the preferences pane add-on, the app's status icon is still being displayed among the status icons on the top.

So the question is how to completely and correctly remove Kerio VPN Client from OS X?

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It is super easy, once you get the light:

  1. Open the installer you used to install Kerio VPN Client with.
  2. On the second screen it has a drop-down where you can select Uninstall instead of Easy install.

And there you go.

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