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I just installed Google Music Manager on Windows XP Pro.

Every time I turn on the PC, Music Manager is starting.

How can I uninstall Music Manager and stop this behavior?

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You can use either of these two options to avoid running Musicmanager as you start the computer:

  1. Check Windows Startup Folder and see if Musicmanager shotcut is there. The shortcuts in the startup folder will be executed as you login in Windows.

  2. Check the system configuration:

    • Open a command prompt and type msconfig
    • Goto Windows Startup tab
    • Check if there's any item that references Musicmanager.
    • You can either untick the item or go to the items place in the registry and delete from there.
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You could actually just open up the program normally (double click on the orange headphones in the system tray, for example), and click on the Advanced Tab

enter image description here

From there Uncheck the box next to "Start Automatically when computer is restarted". Then restart the computer, and Music Manager should not start automatically.

That should solve your problem.

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Interestingly Google Music doesn't honour this setting on my system, it starts regardless. – Air Dec 10 '13 at 17:17

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