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Fn+F6 works fine to disable touchpad on Lenovo G780. But when it wakes up from sleep, the touchpad is enabled again. Is there a way to make this disabling persist (without disabling the driver completely, since I may end up without a mouse sometime)?

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The Synaptics, ElanTECH driver normally has this functionality. Lenovo Synaptics ElanTech driver is downloaded here for Windows. This app appears in Control Panel once installed. They have XP and Windows 8 drivers as well.

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It showed up immediately after installation, but only worked after a restart. – Alexey Romanov Jan 25 '13 at 6:11
  1. Right Click "ELAN Pointing Device" on the taskbar
  2. Click "Property of Touch-Pad" then "ELAN"
  3. Check "Disable when external USB pointing device plug in"
  4. Apply and OK

Hope this helps! :D

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