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I am an absolute newbie in this thing.

Can anyone help me to build a table that lists all files in a specified folder so whenever a file is copied to that folder the table should update.

I need the list to retain the names even if the file is moved from that folder or deleted. later the data would be deleted by a scheduler.

Also I need the table to record the time exactly when the file was copied into that folder.

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This is a very broad question - have you tried anything at all? You will get more luck if you try something and post a question when part of it goes wrong or you don't understand something. – Dave Jan 24 '13 at 15:09

I find jNotify java library which can help to listen to file system events, such as: File created File modified File renamed File deleted. It works on all general operational system.

You can use as tutorial.

Also u can install MySQL database and add some code to your application which write your log into database. For better data order.

of course it's all good if you familiar with this tools.

Also i think if try to google 'Folder listener tool'

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thanks a ton i will try with the mysql tool so that i can output the data in html with sorting and filtering but need some codes to insert the filenames and copy time to the table – user1994602 Jan 24 '13 at 15:53

How about PowerShell? It's built-in to Windows 7 and 8

$File = "C:\FolderForFile"
Get-ChildItem $File 

The benefit of PowerShell is you can customise the output.

##Sort on LastRightTime
$File = "C:\FolderForFile"
Get-ChildItem $File | Sort LastRightTime | Format-Table Name, LastWriteTime -AutoSize
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thanks a ton. this helped. – user1994602 Jan 25 '13 at 6:09

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