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I've stumbled into a webpage and I want to save its contents. Logically, the contents is already on my drive. How can I figure out which temporary directory holds the contents of this specific page?

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Is there any reason you can't do File → Save As → Web Archive?

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How can I export the images from a web archive? – Konzepz Oct 12 '09 at 8:42
Wfaulk is correct. This is the normal method of handling this. – Benjamin Schollnick Oct 12 '09 at 15:48

The data should be saved in .cache files under ~/Library/Caches/Safari. You can search them with grep and then drag and drop these .cache files into Safari from Finder.

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It's not. Any idea? – Konzepz Oct 12 '09 at 1:38
You're on OSX, right? And it's User -> Library -> Caches -> Safari in finder, ~/Library/Caches/Safari in terminal. – John T Oct 12 '09 at 1:43
Nope. Nothing there. – Konzepz Oct 12 '09 at 8:41

The proper method would be (as wfaulk) mentioned using a webarchive from Safari. The webarchive file appears to be a flat file that contains all the seperate files that make up the web page.

Now, how would you extract something from that? Open the webarchive in safari, and then drag and drop, or copy and paste, or save as HTML for the pages...

Or, use the free Web Archive Folderizer....That utility will allow you to extract the contents of the webarchive, into a folder..

Alternatively, "Print" the web page, and choose Save as PDF from the PDF pull down...

Or, WebSucker, would allow you download the web site, or particular pages of the website...

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How can I export the images from a web archive?

I guess opening that archive lets you right-click the images again.

However, if you know beforehand you just want to save some of the content, then you don't need to create such web archive first. In Firefox see menu Tools » Page Info (Command-I on a Mac), tabsheet Media. This also gives you a Save As button for media that cannot be right-clicked on the site itself.

And as a side note: if you were to save as PDF from Safari or OmniWeb, then you would have clickable links in the resulting PDF document. When doing the same from Firefox, you do not get such clickable links.

(And when saving as PDF, get rid of the things you don't want first: The Printliminator is your friend. And whatever you do: respect the author's rights please!)

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