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I would like to create a command like cd - (lets call it cdp) that will change directories to the last changed-to directory from another terminal window similar to the option to open a new terminal in the directory that previous window/tab was in (I don't see that option in Mac OS X terminal).

To do so I figure I could alter cd with something like alias cd='cd $1;echo $PWD > /tmp/CWD' and then add

alias cdp='cd  `cat /tmp/CWD`

Can someone key in a better solution? Or, fill me in on an existing program, feature, etc., please let me know. On Mac OS X 10.6 with default terminal. Thanks.

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Aliases don't accept parameters. You'll have to use a function. You should also use the command builtin.

function cd () { command cd "$@"; echo "$PWD" > /tmp/CWD; }

alias cdp='cd "$(</tmp/CWD)"'

See this for another approach that's specific to OS X. It's a script that can launch a new Terminal window or tab opening with its current directory the same as that of the current Terminal window or tab.

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Thanks for correcting my method. – physicsmichael Oct 12 '09 at 3:46
That will break with spaces in the filename, won't it? You'd need cdp='cd "$(</tmp/CWD)'". Or set your cd override to ln -sf "$PWD" /tmp/CDW, and cdp='cd -P /tmp/CWD'. This is still clunky and only works for one directory, even if you have multiple terminals CDed to multiple places. (most recent cd wins, not most-recently-used terminal). I guess Mac OS's Terminal app doesn't have an option to open new tabs / windows with the same CWD as the child process in the currently-focused terminal, like gnome-terminal does. – Peter Cordes Feb 6 '15 at 13:34
@PeterCordes: Thanks for spotting that omission. – Dennis Williamson Feb 6 '15 at 15:29
Hooking cd, instead of PROMPT_COMMAND='pwd > /tmp/"CWD.$USER"' is a nice idea, though. I used it for… – Peter Cordes Feb 6 '15 at 17:27

I like the solution at better:

Open new xterm windows in current Terminal directory Authored by: TomP on Jan 04, '06 10:05:12PM

As a slightly more flexible alternative, I have a little shell script ("") that will open a new Terminal window in the same directory as the Terminal session from which it was invoked. Here's the script:

# Open another terminal window for the current directory
# Copyright 2004 by Tom Pollard - All rights reserved.
#set -x
set thePath to "$CWD"
set myPath to (POSIX file thePath as alias)
    tell application "Terminal"
        do script with command "cd \"" & thePath & "\""
    end tell
end try

I have this aliased as 'ot'. So, when I want another Terminal window open to the same directory as some other Terminal window (not necessarily the last one I used or opened, I just say 'ot' in that Terminal session.

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