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When typing, many of the special characters I type are with Ctrl-Alt. Ctrl-Alt-0 is ], for example. Those are characters essential when writing code. But this term, at school, we're learning to program in Flash, with ActionScript. For some reason, Flash, just like Illustrator and Photoshop [those two are somewhat understandable since Ctrl and Alt change the tool you're using], blocks me from doing that. Ctrl-Alt-0 does nothing in Flash.

Those characters can be typed with Alt Gr, the right-hand Alt, instead of Ctrl-Alt. But that's crazy impractical. It forces me to move my left hand quite far on the right side of the keyboard, and that's inefficient.

This is pretty annoying. I could type the code in another software, but being in Flash and able to test my things with a simple Ctrl-Enter is a notable speed boost as well. Is there a way to return this to normal?

PS: The problem doesn't really show itself on a Mac, where it's replaced by another, more global one: the Mac keyboard uses left Alt only to type those characters. (Pretty inconvenient since the key isn't even in the same place as Windows' Alt, but anyway.)

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