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I've used O&O DiskImage 3 and was not very impressed with it. Are there any good alternatives that are free or open source?

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Perhaps also have someone add information on how to actually USE these versions? It's nice to make an image, but if you don't know how to restore it... – Ivo Flipse Jul 16 '09 at 12:50
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You might try DriveImage XML. It is free and from what I've heard works good too!

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I agree, though it doesn't work on Windows 2000 (which was a problem for me but shouldn't affect many people these days) – tjrobinson Jul 16 '09 at 13:12

Take a look at this for a list of free software.

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I think clonezilla is an open source version of imaging software. I know people who say that it worked very well for them. is where this little wonder can be found. Hope this helps!

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