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I'd like to create a simple Calc sheet, where column A contains the days, B contains how many hours of work i had done and C the price for that day. The price is simply a multiplication of hours (B col.) and a predefined price. But the price per hour may change, so I'd like this to be in a cell too, and the daily price formula for C3 could be =B3*A30 where A30 is the price per hour. But if i copy the C3 cell to C4, C5, ... the A30 cell reference moves down too, to A31, A32..., just like the B3 moves down to B4, B5...

How can I make a cell reference fixed, while the other relative when copy-pasting cell in Libreoffice Calc?

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I found the solution: the formula in column C should be like this:

(C3 cell) =B3*$A$30

This way, on copy-paste only the B3 reference is rewritten, the A30 is left unchanged. The $A$30 syntax can be achieved with Shift+F4 too.

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Thank you for returning to answer your own question, this solved my problem. – gosmond Apr 7 '13 at 6:45
Also using Shift+F4 multiple times will cycle through the variations of absolute rows&cols OR rows OR cols. I was unable to paste cell to other cells in opencalc, can now. – jm_____ Sep 11 '14 at 15:48

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