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A year or two ago, I took a Matlab training class and the presenter had some kind of tool that let him zoom in on a portion of his desktop so that we could read his code, as well as draw on his desktop using his mouse, for example circling the a window he wanted to draw our attention to. The zoom/draw tool worked really well (we all asked what tool it was) but I can't remember now. It was a Windows machine, if that helps. Any idea what this tool could be?

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Aha! I have found the tool. It is called ZoomIt. Hope this helps someone else.

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I was just about to answer this one. Found it about 3 years ago, have used it ever since. – Kruug Jan 25 '13 at 19:42
Sounds like you like it. Thanks! – KAE Jan 25 '13 at 20:11

In Windows, there is a built-in tool call Magnifier.

You can change the setting to Lens, and it will zoom portion of the screen as you described.

In Lens mode, just take your mouse to wherever you want to type, start typing and the area is zoomed as the magnifier follows the mouse.

There is also a commercial tool called Magnifying Glass Pro which has more options.

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In addition check out… – Ofiris Jan 25 '13 at 14:54
Very helpful, thanks. – KAE Jan 25 '13 at 20:23

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