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My Exchangebox is lately constantly hitting the roof of it's max size (200Mb). Is there a way in AppleMail to have it archive mails in my exchange account automatically to a local inbox when a mail is older than X days? Something like this would be of great help since i don't like manually archiving (cumbersome) and deleteing mail (bad bad bad!)

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This cannot be done in AppleMail as i have found out, but you can download an app to do it for you, i use eMessage

eMessage Archive (eMA) automatically archives email messages from a variety of different email client applications. Features include:

  • Automatic background processing, with the folders to be archived saved in each database
  • Archived messages are removed from your active email database after being safely put into a FileMaker database
  • Filters for archiving only messages older than a specified date.
  • More filters for status, priority, and others
  • Reply to archived mail via any supported email application, regardless of its origin.
  • Email and newsgroup messages archived together, in the same database

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    Too bad it is no longer active and supported by the developers, i can see major issues coming in the future with this app but it might do. Thanks! – ChrisR Oct 12 '09 at 14:52

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