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I tried :style -name=codesnippet pre code {background-color: transparent;} but nothing happened, apparently. Then I tried :styleenable -name=codesnippet but nothing happend, either. How am I supposed to use this commands?

I'm running Pentadactyl nightly and Firefox 18 (stable).

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The problem here is CSS Specificity (See Chris Coyier's post for a nice description). You can add an !important to make this work.

:style -name=cs pre code {background-color: transparent !important;} 
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It's been a while since your original question, so perhaps the craftyjs site has changed since then. In any case, I couldn't find a specific element that matched your example CSS selector. So, I'll just provide an example with the site I see today.

Let's use this page as an example: Crafty.settings. Look at those lovely parameter lists! So grey. I hate grey. In fact, I hate parameter lists. Let's pretend they don't exist:

:style -name=ewww dl {display:none;}

Gone. Ahh.

Now, you may very well ask, why does this work, when your finely crafted example did not? I don't know!

Here's a slightly modified example:

:style -name=ewww dl {background:#f00;}

Doesn't work! This does, though:

:style -name=ewww dl {color:#f00;}

Hmmm. We notice that pentadactyl doesn't offer "background" as a completion. Maybe:

:style -name=ewww dl {background-color:#f00;}

No. Well, perhaps the Firefox developer tools can help us. Inspecting the parameter list box (while sneering silently to ourselves) shows this as the full setting: none repeat scroll 0% 0% rgb(238, 238, 238). Let's change it to blue: background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% rgb(0, 0, 238). Very nice! A comforting retro look. Reset it to gray, so that we can do it with Pentadactyl, like this:

:style -name=ewww dl {background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% rgb(0, 0, 255)}

Argh. Sorrow. Back to normal. Looks like we found a bug! I like this bug so much, I gave it a special name: Pentadactly issue #969. Catchy, right?

Update: Aaaand, Peter Wooley FTW! (And now I know more about CSS. Possibly more than I wanted.) Recommended closing the new Pentdactyl issue.

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