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I just got a Seagate GoFlex external drive and would like to do something which is the opposite of what most people do: I'd like to do periodic backups from the external drive to the local drive. The reason is that the external drive is the primary storage for a bunch of computers and I need a backup from the external drive. And there is a computer on the network which could serve as the backup. So I need the direction of the backup to be from external to local.

Is it possible with Memeo Instant Backup? (This is the software that came bundled with the Seagate drive.) So far it looks like it can only handle from local drive to external drive, but maybe someone knows how to reverse the direction.

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I would recommend using another backup software. The memeo that comes with the GoFlex is crap. You are also likely to have licensing issues, it is a known bug. Memeo thinks it is a trial version even though you bought it. There are many free and better backup programs around. – terdon Jan 26 '13 at 13:45
Sounds reasonable. Any specific programs you have in mind? As a requirement let me add that I'd like to be able to backup automatically on a daily basis. – DanielFetchinson Jan 26 '13 at 17:25

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