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This one has me stumped: I have a spreadsheet that I need to know when I have a cell that is greater than another cell but show nothing when it doesn't.

Cell B9 is a sum of B2:B8 with these cells using information from other sheets in the workbook. Cell B13 is a number that I input. I am trying to get the sum of B9-B13 only when it is greater than B13, I need this cell to be blank when the sum is equal to or less than B13.

I know I am missing something simple but I cannot get the cell blank when it needs be. I am using Excel 2010, but it will also need to work in 2007 version.


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=IF(B9>B13,B9-B13,"") should do the job!

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=IF(SUM(B9:B13)>B13,SUM(B9:B13)), perhaps?

Or, if by "the sum of" thou meanest "the result of", then =IF(B9-B13>B13,B9-B13) should do it. If those don't work, try adding a ,"" before the closing bracket in whichever expression thou usest, to explicitly specify a blank value if the condition for the IF is false.

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