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i have an Acer netbook AO756-2899.
its not supposed to work with windows XP but i found out the drivers for windows XP on
and i downloaded the chipset and graphic drivers directly from site.

all the drivers in the device manager are found and installed.
but the problem is that when i open the Power Meter there is no battery there.
and the system thinks its on AC Power while its actually using a battery.

any hints on how to fix this problem?

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Battery controller chip is connected to SMBus interface and you are missing the proper driver for it. To make it working you need a proper combination of BIOS(provides low level ACPI support), chipset driver(provides SMBus driver), Operating system (provides ACPI driver and Battery manager). My guess is that the BIOS has buggy/incomplete DSDT which is breaking SMBus in WinXP. Try updating your BIOS and if that wouldn't help - your best bet would be going back to Windows 7.

Update: It seems like Acer does not even bother with proper driver support. They just made a proprietary application which works with SMBus controller in ICH directly without any drivers. You should try to find a version of Acer ePower Management Application compatible with both Windows XP and your netbook.

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thanks for your answer. i will try ur suggestions and see if it works. – Karim Feb 1 '13 at 10:50

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