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Is it possible to setup DD-WRT (router firmware family) to send out its IP somewhere? Periodically, or preferably, whenever it just changed?

I am not ready to set up (and pay for) dynamic DNS yet, but I need the IP for incoming traffic.

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I have a python code that I use as a mailer (using Google's SMTP servers) and another than checks the IP via crown and emails using the mailer to if changed. Can you install python on DD-WRT (I've not tried, but the scripts work well and I can link them for you) – nerdwaller Jan 27 '13 at 15:37
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There is an out of the box method to configure the DDNS options in a DD-WRT router, for free. If that isn't enough you could configure multiple DDNS solutions.

If any of these options works you've another alternative for the router.

If nothing works then you could configure any of the DDNS Software available for free in one of the computers behind your router.

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Not sure about the in-router solution, but as long as you have a computer running behind it, setting up an ip change notifier application is easy. That would monitor its public IP and email you when it changes.

Here's one of many:

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