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How can I find out the row number in an Excel spreadsheet?

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By formula, try Row() – Richard Morgan Oct 12 '09 at 12:05
Could you offer us a bit more information into what you want to achieve? – alex Oct 12 '09 at 12:13

=ROW(C5) gives the row number of cell C5, i.e 5. This can be useful for making sure that you have a fixed starting point for some other function like an OFFSET. If someone adds or deletes rows which affect that C5 cell, your formula would update to C4, C6 or whatever, and you still have a correct starting row.

ROW() gives the row number of the cell you use that formula in. I often use this with the MOD() function in conditional formats to stripe sets of rows, or underline every 5th one say to make it easier to follow rows across a printed page.

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As your question in the title you want to search by row number; So, you need INDIRECT() function; like this:


If your specific row number is in cell B1 you can change it to:


This formula will give you the value of column A and row as value that stored in B1.

As your question in the body of question you need to use ROW() function that will returns the current row number.

As another view, you can use MATCH() function; that can give you the row number of a search result, like this:

MATCH( Lookup_value, Lookup_array, Match_type )

  • Lookup_value; is the value you want to find.
  • Lookup_array; is where you want to search in it.
  • Match_type; is 0 - Exact match, 1 - Less than and -1 - Greater than

Use it like this:

=MATCH(B1; A:A; 0)
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