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It's easy to share a folder which resides on the host file system with the guest OS, but is it possible to do the reverse?
i.e. is it possible to share a guest directory with the host OS, so that the file stays on the guest's file system?

My guest is Linux and my host is Windows 7.

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Yes it is - but it all depends on your networking setup. What I do to make this super easy is ensure the guest uses bridged networking. That way the virtual NIC will get an IP that is on the same subnet as the host - for example:

HOST: / (assigned by DHCP) Guest: / (assigned by DHCP)

This way you can always ping the Guest and have a whatever access to files you setup.

Here is an article on how to share a folder on Linux so Windows can access it: Share Linux folder with Windows

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It works, thanks!! – Mehrdad Jan 28 '13 at 9:56

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