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I am running Vista 64Bit with VMWare workstation(the latest release of everything).

If by chance I lose my DSL connection, no matter what I do I can't seem to get any of the VM's to connect back to the internet, without shutting everything down and rebooting the whole physical machine - (the desktop, reconnects just fine). I often have 3-4 VM's running (NT, NT Server, XP) with multiple apps open in each, plus many apps running in my regular desktop (i.e. not within a VM). Needless to say, its is timeconsuming and a pain-in-the-neck to shut everything down and then reboot and reset all my apps....

Even shutting down all the VM's and shutting down VMWare doesn't solve the problem, only a full-system reboot.

Any suggestions? This seems to be a new problem, perhaps since I upgraded to the latest VMWare workstation release - I am not 100% positive, but I 95% sure that up until a 6 weeks ago or so, if the DSL connection was lost, everything would reconnect when it came back on...

Thanks for any suggestions.

Edit: Additional puzzling information is that I can still access other machines on the network from this machine, i.e. map a network drive back to the host and read/write files - just won't see or talk to the internet from any VM.

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I have had this a few times, I go to removable devices and just disconnect the network card, wait for the VM to detect the "cable" is out, then reconnect.

This always does the job for me.

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I use a small script that disable and re-enable the network card. Script is as follows:

devcon.exe disable *DEV_2000*
devcon.exe enable *DEV_2000*

The utility devcon.exe can be downloaded from, and the network card id can be found in the Device Manager, properties for the network card in the tab called details. It will look like this:


Then its just a matter of clicking an icon to run the script, and the network card should work right after that.

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Try disabling the virtual NIC and re-enabling it while the VM is still running. If you aren't using static addressing, release and renew your IP address.

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I have tried all that and still no luck. – EJB Oct 12 '09 at 16:44

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