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The Fossil SCM currently doesn't support grepping through the repository. The only way to find code, is to check out the whole repository into a disk through "fossil deconstruct c:\temp_fossil", and grep through the files.

To avoid writing the files to disk and improve performance, I was thinking of creating a temporary disk in RAM.

Does someone know of a way to do this in Windows (XPSP3)?

Thank you.

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I've been using DataRAM RAMDisk for a few years. I use it for scratch/temp space, but one of its features is that it saves the content to a disk image when you reboot, so it is persistent.

Just remember that any RAM you allocate to a RAMDisk will no longer be available to other applications, so if you make it too large you'll hurt system performance. I've set up a 1GB RAMDisk, but have 8GB on Win7-64 so I've got enough to spare.

There are also a few related SU post linked on the right here.

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Thanks, I'll experiment and see how it goes. – OverTheRainbow Jan 28 '13 at 15:18

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