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Using "Network and sharing center - advanced sharing settings" I turned on "Network discovery" and "file and printer sharing" on my Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers ("Win7" and "Win8"). The computers are both networked to my wireless router.

I then logged on from Win8 - onto Win7, and could browse the folders there.

Here is where the trouble started:

I turned off "Network discovery" and "file and printer sharing" on Win7 - but could still log on to it from Win8! Also, even though I did not save the username and password - I could log on without needing to supply it. Only after restarting Win7 did that not persist.

Is that expected behavior? Will network-discovery persist for whoever has already logged on once? (Or was it some bug.)

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If the problem has gone, the settings most likely didn't take effect until the restart, where the network services reloaded their settings.

And your were able to login without a password because it was most likely cached from the first login. Or, in other words, you weren't really logged out.

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