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This is an extension of a previous post found here.

I am looking for a free solution to transfer all settings for all Office 2010 programs (I currently use Word & Excel, but occasionally use Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.). The best possible option would be to synchronize settings between my laptop Office 2010 installation and desktop automatically, however I do not think Office 2010 provides such functionality.

The customizations I would like to migrate/sync:

  • Ribbon & Quick Access toolbars (this is the easy one - just go through the Options under each of these tabs, select Import/Export Settings > Export)
  • ALL information in each tab of the Options menu. This includes details down to the kerning of the font. More generally, I want to set things like my default font to, let's say, Tahoma size 11 on each & every new document, then have that setting migrated/synced to the other computer.
  • Default document metadata: This may be a function of the working template, though... which is a customizable setting in the Options menu. See 2nd item above.
  • All of the default pre-set table styles in Excel, for example, or the pre-set heading styles in Word.
  • Anything else I'm missing that is customizable outside the bounds of these items.

Am I just shooting too high for hopes like these? Secondly, am I shooting extra high by asking for a free solution, since I've already purchased the two licenses to Office 2010?

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Have you tried the Windows 7 migration tool? It's meant to transfer all app settings, but it could be used for this purpose. Here's a link from Microsoft about using it to migrate office. It mentions that the machines have to be the same bitness (either both 32 or 64) and there is one option in Word that is not transferred.

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pretty awesome - thank you for the suggestion. going to check this out and get back to you. i have some worries about the 32-to-64 transfer - i was always told to install the office 2010 32-bit version because it is far more compatible, although i may have gone w/ 64-bit on one machine. – NoCatharsis Jan 28 '13 at 22:08

Try CloneApp, available from It's reviewed here, with highest recommendation:

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Welcome to Super User. It's better to make answers self-contained by including the essential information within your answer and using the link for attribution and further reading. Good guidance on recommending software here:…. Thanks. – fixer1234 Oct 13 '15 at 22:32

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