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I want any tool (freeware) can convert any file to ascii output, like gpg -a.

the program should give me something like,

Version: GnuPG v2.0.17 (MingW32)


I google alot finding nothing, is there such a tool or no, I dont want the tool to ask for any passwords just convert file to ascii so I can send by email.

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GnuPG has this functionality as the --store option, which just wraps incoming data inside an OpenPGP "Literal Data" packet, which can be ASCII-armored. For decoding, use gpg -d. (There is also an --enarmor option, which adds no OpenPGP headers at all, just applies the "armor", and requires the corresponding --dearmor option to unwrap.)

However, the "ASCII armor" used in OpenPGP is just a modified version of Base64 encoding, a very common algorithm for which many tools are available, many of them called just base64 or b64encode, or openssl base64 -e.

However, all email clients that support MIME – that is, practically every single email client nowadays – already have built-in Base64 encoding functions. You just need to find the "Attach file" option, and the attachment will be automatically encoded when sending.

Another similar algorithm is Uuencode, which is similar to Base64 but specific to mail & netnews, and rarely used elsewhere. See also binary-to-text encoding for a general overview.

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'gpg --enarmor' works, u save my day... thanks – user193514 Jan 28 '13 at 20:53

Are you thinking of base64 ( That will convert a file into ascii characters that you can email and then reform into the file. There are numerous ways to convert a file to base64; is an example of an online tool.

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