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I want to download this webpage using wget in Win7 :

I am using this command to do this :

wget -E -H -k -K -p -e robots=off -P /Downloads/AT&T_2013-01-29/

I am getting taxostyle not defined, commitmentterm not defined or recognizble method error

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You have two ampersands ( & ) and question mark in your URL.

I am not sure how your windows shell handles that, it probably depends on what you are using. (Cmd.exe? Powershell, Hamilton C-shell for windows, cygwin-bash?)

Regardless, many of those will try to parse those and you will end up with wget getting a different result than you expect. You would either need to escape those chars (how depends on the shell), or use " marks.

If I use wget -E -H -k -K -p -e robots=off "" in bash3 shell on BSD (notice the added quotes around the download URL) then the command does seem to work. (It downloads 3 directories,, and

As alternative you can put your URL in a FILE as it is (one in a line) and pass additional -i FILE parameter to wget instead of URL itself. Another case to check what is really passed to wget by your command is echo it, like this echo HERE_IS_URL and if output is acceptable, you can replase echo with wget or pipe it forward with | wget -i-.

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