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I have created a 1 bit per pixel video (.avi) on windows XP (The way I created it is not important because it works), and I have played the video with the default Windows Media Player of Windows XP (Media player 9) and it works fine.

I have installed windows media player 11 and since then the player no longer plays the video, The player throws an exception.

(I have converted the video to 8 bit per pixel and it works so now I know the problem is with Windows Media Player)

I think it because windows media player 11 is missing Directshow filters (codecs) but I am not sure, does anyone knows the reason?

Thank a lot =].

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Is there an error message/code you can share? What video codec does the AVI use? If installing a codec pack such as K-Lite fixes it, then yes, it must be a codec issue. – Karan Jan 29 '13 at 22:37
I didn't get the exception code but I am a programmer and I uses Windows Media Player in my application and I got an HRESULT: 0xC00D11B1" (I know it usually a codec error) while just trying to use/open the player, before even playing a file. – Matan Jan 29 '13 at 22:41
"before even playing a file"? Then it's not a problem with the file but the player installation itself. Does WMP throw an error if you launch it directly and not via your app? – Karan Jan 29 '13 at 22:44
No, when launching the player not through my application it works fine. But the exception I got might indicates on a problem.. – Matan Jan 29 '13 at 22:45

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