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Can someone explain how to convert .SWF files to uncompressed .AVI files. Which software I'd need or a tutorial I could use?

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If you have the source file as .FLA and open them in Adobe Flash:

  1. Go to: File > Export > Export movie
  2. Choose AVI from the formats list
  3. then you can tweak the export settings, where you can set the compression

This works on Windows only (not on a Mac).

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swf2avi is a freeware tool to convert or batch-convert Flash movies (swf) to bitmaps, bitmap-sequences (bmp, jpg) or videos (avi).

swf2avi supports all versions of Macromedia Flash. If a new release is available, install the Internet Explorer Plugin and use it with swf2avi.

swf2avi supports all installed video codecs.

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swf2avi does not support compressed swf files. FYI – JYelton Nov 27 '12 at 7:10

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