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It is a business requirement to keep xll files in subversion (trust me, I did not come up with this idea :-) ).

Now when I try to load this file up in Excel, Excel opens it like what you see in attached screen shot: enter image description here

The mime-type of this file is set to 'application/x-dosexec' in subversion. It is assigned by subversion. I did not change this value.

I have run checksum on the xll file and I can confirmed the file is not corrupted.

My question:

Can this problem has anything to do with incorrect mime-type in subversion? If so, what is the proper value?

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I don't know, where you got "xll is readable by Excel file", because it isn't correct: XLL may and have to be opened by Excel, but not in order to be readed, but - to be used.

XLL is

  • compiled
  • DLL

Can this problem has anything to do with incorrect mime-type in subversion?


  • Subversion mime/type settings affect always only Subversion operations
  • It's more or less good file-type for binary DLL
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I did not attempt to 'read' the file. I was just trying to load the xll file by dragging it from explorer to an Excel instance. Normally it works fine but not this time. – Anthony Kong Jul 18 '13 at 21:23

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