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My Goal

Im using Axure for prototyping and I've created widgets which reflect my application UI.

One thing I would like to achieve is the ability to add text-shadow onto certain elements, without having to type the same text twice and layer them over each other.

What I've tried so far

I've tried several methods and hacks to get this to work with no luck. The closest I have got is creating 2 dynamic panels, one which I type the desired text into and then when previewing the protoype, I can click on the element to trigger the onclick event to update the shadow element. Which is far from ideal.

Existing Examples

Im pretty sure this can be achieved as I have seen it done in other peoples Axure libraries.

For Example:


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What you're seeing in this screenshot is an image, it's not formatted in Axure. Your best bet would be to layer text panels so you get the shadow effect.

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