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I installed prosody XMPP server and now I'd like to create XMPP user via SSH (which basically means running custom script on that server). I assume that script should be run by prosody user, because of the access permissions. However, I'm not able to login with prosody user - since it's "system" user. How can I login as prosody?

I'm executing SSH from the script so sudo is not an option.

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Could you please explain what do you mean by "creating user via ssh"? – Sergey P. aka azure Jan 30 '13 at 17:04
I meant creating XMPP user. Thanks for note, I edited the question. – Pavel S. Jan 30 '13 at 17:12
And again, it's hard for me to understand what you are trying to do and what issues do you have. – Sergey P. aka azure Jan 30 '13 at 17:22
Do you have prosody user on the system with XMPP server? Do you have access to root account on server? Or access to some other user on the system? You note that you are "executing ssh" from some 'script'. Where is that script? On the server with XMPP or on your local machine? Why do you think that sudo is not an option? If you want to get help then please try to be as descriptive as possible. Wish your question was so clear that misunderstanding would be impossible :) – Sergey P. aka azure Jan 30 '13 at 17:25
have you tried 'ssh root@sshserver' ? My NAS calls the root account admin, but when you actually ssh in the account name is root. – Frank Thomas Jan 30 '13 at 17:29

As root (or other user if you know the password of prosody), you can run a command as 'prosody' in this way:

su -c COMMAND prosody

I am not sure if it is what you are looking for.

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