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Weird situation after reinstalling Windows 7 on my PC. Suddenly the xTreamer (media streamer) that's connected to the same LAN doesn't see shares by my PC. Other PCs (and even a MacBook) on the same network can access these shares just fine. And the xTreamer is capable of seeing other shares in the network (e.g. by some other NAS server I have).

It can't be permissions/firewall because the Mac does connect to the shares... I'm stumped. Ideas?

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Had the same problem. This solution helped me:

Click the Windows "Start" button in the lower left of your Desktop, and in the "start search" area type "regedit" and press enter.

  1. After a security prompt you should have the Registry Editor open.
  2. Navigate to the following location in the registry editor.


  1. On the right side Double Click on everyoneincludesanonymous and in the window that pops up, change the value data from a 0 value to a 1
  2. Double Click on NoLmHash and in the window that pops up, change the Value Data from a 1 value to a 0
  3. Navigate to the following location in the registry editor


  1. Double Click on restrictnullsessaccess and change the 1 value to a 0

NOTE: There is no need to "save" these changes, as you make changes to the registry it is saved automatically.

  1. Close the registry editor and restart the computer.
  2. Once the PC restarts don't forget to update your available network shares on your xtreamer by using your remote to navigate the onscreen menu to Refresh, once Refresh is selected press enter. The Windows Vista shares should show on the xtreamer with no problems.

I couldn't remember doing that the first time a few years ago. Using old Sidewinder. But it worked.

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The articel recommends to change EveryoneIncludeAanonymous and RestrictNullSessAccess. This will reduce the security of windows 7. To avoid this changes, there should be a way to configure xtreamer to provide a regular logon to W7. – boboes Dec 26 '14 at 10:47

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