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Weird situation after reinstalling Windows 7 on my PC. Suddenly the xTreamer (media streamer) that's connected to the same LAN doesn't see shares by my PC. Other PCs (and even a MacBook) on the same network can access these shares just fine. And the xTreamer is capable of seeing other shares in the network (e.g. by some other NAS server I have).

It can't be permissions/firewall because the Mac does connect to the shares... I'm stumped. Ideas?

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Had the same problem. This solution helped me: http://forum.xtreamer.net/Support/questions/344/

I couldn't remember doing that the first time a few years ago. Using old Sidewinder. But it worked.

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The articel recommends to change EveryoneIncludeAanonymous and RestrictNullSessAccess. This will reduce the security of windows 7. To avoid this changes, there should be a way to configure xtreamer to provide a regular logon to W7. –  boboes Dec 26 '14 at 10:47

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