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In Windows PowerShell (if it matters), I would like to decompress a zip file with gzip with the argument --decompress, but unfortunately it doesn't work. Please look at the screenshot below.

gzip --decompress ""

its result:

gzip: unknown suffix -- ignored

gzip --decompress ---- gzip: unknown suffix -- ignored

Do you have any ideas how to get rid of this error? (I have to use it, because I'm using Drush, which uses it.)
By the way, I have GnuWin32 installed.

Another screenshot, just to make it clear it was caused by Drush 7.x-5.4:

gzip --decompress when using drush colorbox-plugin

After upgrading to 7.x-5.8:

unzip after upgrading to 7.x-5.8, drush colorbox-plugin

in PowerShell, unzip works:

drush colorbox-plugin in PowerShell already works

So with the help of Jeff, I realized that something's wrong with the MIME-type detection in Drush 7.x-5.4. Solved. Thanks, Jeff!

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You may be using the wrong tool.

gzip is file compressor/decompressor for files that generally have the file extension .gz and cannot extract files from a file like On linux you would use zip and unzip to add and extract files in a zip file. Maybe gnuwin32 has the same zip/unzip programs?

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wow, you were right, thank you very much! It seems like somehow Drush made a mistake when detecting the file's MIME type, look at this one: It tries to uncompress the zip file with gzip. I had Drush 7.x-5.4 installed, after upgrading to 7.x-5.8, it tries to unzip the file and doesn't use gzip anymore:, it says "Mime type for is application/zip", much better. It was a regular command prompt, unzip is only available in PowerShell - and SUCCESS!! Thanks, accepted! ;) – Sk8erPeter Jan 30 '13 at 22:08

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