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i have a server that uses linux (centos) without root access, i want to know if i can forward a port 10000 to localhost:3306 using ssh or without installing any software?

so that when i access that server on port 10000, it will connect to that computer's localhost port 3306..

normally i would use Pound, but on that server i don't have root access.. how to do this using ssh?

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All you really need is a TCP proxy. Non-root processes should be able to bind to port 10000 if it isn't already in use. – Zoredache Jan 31 '13 at 6:20

(assuming you are talking about OpenSSH):

You connect with SSH from $computer to $server, and give as parameter: "-R10000:localhost:3306". If you want to connect with other computers to $servers, you have to take a look into the sshd configuration file, for the option GatewayPorts, which enables this kind of access.

Read the ssh manpage for more details, you can also decide not to run a command on the other side (so not get a shell) and more (

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You can run socat which also supports multiple connections. No need for root, you can run it as a normal user.

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